Light as Image
Single channel animation projected into a corner: 3D scans, Maya and After Effects
Still from the animation
Virtual Home: a three-part installation
Install shot of first-person interactive environment built in Unity
Animation install shot
Light Sculpture w/ corrugated roofing
Animation built in Maya using 3D scans of my house in Zambia

Animation still
Installation shot
Viewers navigated using first-person mouse and keyboard controls

Game play within environment built in Unity
Installation shot
Render and Paint
Oils painted on grey inkjet print on canvas: 42" x 22"
Maya render: 3D scans and 3D models
Created using light mapping
Light and Moving Image installation
Projectors, lamps controlled with an Arduino, corrugated roofing, suitcase and fabric
Maya animation still
Made from Memory
Childhood homes and spaces re-created in a variety
of media: building 3D models in Maya or using paint.
Changing Spaces
Video documentation of a motion tracking Processing sketch using a Kinect
Animation Clip: After Effects, photography.
Fusing Image and Space
Still photograph
Collaborative Installation
Installation with two projections, one interactive and one static
Contribution: created the Processsing sketch that
tracked motion using a web-cam